The Pilgrim Road to Trondheim 

🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴 We have started our walk to Trondheim from Oslo. It’s 643 km and we have about a month to complete it. It’s always a test of endurance and mind the first few days of a long walk, getting back into carrying everything you need for a month, relaxing into the routine of walk, eat, sleep. It sounds simple but takes a bit of adjustment from city life. 

First impressions. Oslo is a very cool city with prices to match. 🍺😩💰💰💵 £8 a pint so we have made a sensible decision to have a dry walk. Food and accommodation is also very expensive, we do have our tent which we have used and Airbnb is a great option at other times. There is also pilgrim accommodation on the massive farms they have in Norway which we hope to use. 

We visited the Fram Polor Museum in Oslo. Here is me ‘all done up’ with Roald Amundsen…

There are LOTS of mosquitos! I have as usual been bitten to an inch of sanity… That is my excuse. Here is what they look like, big ones they are.

We haven’t seen any other walkers, just one cyclist. 🚴 The trail is very well marked and we have a decent guide book and maps so route finding is pretty simple so far. The trail it self is pretty varied but a bit too much road for our liking, hopefully this will change as we make ourselves north.

Being a prilgrimage there are loads of churches to rest at and eat Nutella with a spoon from the jar. Food as always is a big thing for us and so far it is only the brown sweet cheese that had disturbed us. 🤔

There are some nice shelters called  Gapahuks in the forests which we hope to use to sleep in from time to time and also to shelter from the weather which is pretty changeable. Today we are resting, it is raining pretty hard, no shops are open on Sunday and we were going to run out of food before the next two day section, so simple decision made.
Great wild camp with a ready made platform for cooking. We had a decent night with only the sheep disturbing us.


The next two days take us to Lake Mjosa which I think is Norway’s biggest lake. We then take a paddle steamer over to Hamar and join up with the eastern section of the walk and two more days to Lillehammer.


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