Places to sleep on The St Olav Trail

It’s always an important part of the walk, eat, sleep routine. We don’t book accomodation ahead usually as we have a tent and things can change pretty quickly on the trail. Sometimes that means putting the tent up in the woods, sometimes that means finding brilliant mountain huts like Eldhuset in the picture above. It just been renovated at an abandoned old moutain farm at Ovre Skar on a shelf 600m up above the Gudbrandsdalen Valley.

We didn’t know anything about it but met a mountain guide for the area earlier in the day and he gave us the padlock code. There wasn’t another person about when we arrived about 8.30 pm, we couldn’t believe how cosy this place was!

It was fully equipped, water from the spring outside, gas cooker, kettle, even proper crockery and cutlery. I resisted the temptation to put the fire on. Cost was about a tenner each which you transfer to their bank, it made us very happy. It even had a bloody toilet on site (yep, with loo roll) so no hole digging for us that night. Not for the faint hearted mind, the drop wasn’t a big one!

Nice view from the dining room table, Spag Bol for dinner.

Then there are other options to huts and a tent. What about a Gapahuk? These are shelters out in the forests, some are mentioned some aren’t. We bumped into a chap called Kai at this one, he was our Norwegian mountain hero, big rucksack, big knife, big woolly  jumper, big beard. We had bumped into him a few times, he was moving on to walk a couple more hours at night… Does it ever get dark here? We decided to stay, it would be rude not too.

It was really comfortable here and another great find.

There are other nights where there isn’t anything so you have to pick a spot to pitch the tent which isn’t perfect, like this one pitched at 10 pm by the train track. Yep, it was noisy!

Or ones in the forests where you have to put your mosquito net on when brewing up. Nice look eh!

… Or just pleasant ones on a campsite.


3 thoughts on “Places to sleep on The St Olav Trail

  1. Amazing pictures! Looks like you’re having a great time. Look forward to catching up and hearing more about it Fred.

  2. Hi Fred have been wondering how your big adventure is going the photos look fantastic hopefully catch up when you are back Jackie

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