Dovre Mountain Range

We walked across the mountain range in the Dovre mountains. 90% of the land is over 900m and the sun in Norway has decided to disappear in the last week so it was at times a bit chilly and happy we have our woolies with us.

It took us about four days to cross the range and it was a welcome to change to the ups and downs of the previous weeks walking.

Lots of lovely views and rainy nights in the tent along with boggy terrain meant damp and smelly socks…

Here is Fred in a refuge where we ate a hot lunch to warm us up… Thai Curry with couscous, smashing stuff. We walked a long day to stay in this really cute little hut.

Fancy trail over the bogs!

The high point of the trail at 1339m on top of Hardbakken, it was a side trip so we dumped out bags at the pass and I had a great time running back down.


3 thoughts on “Dovre Mountain Range

  1. After your enforced dry spell bet you’re looking forward to a few beers! The pictures have been great.

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