We made it to Trondheim

We made it, 29 days after leaving Oslo and 643km later we arrived at Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. 

I am not sure who the random person in the white top is… But a lovely place and we got in free as we are proper pilgrims and everything.

This was the description board from our first view point above Trondheim, I can’t say that we “fell down to our knees praying” but it was nice to get there.

The last few days from were a mixture of road, the picture below was pretty much our view for most of one day and lovely lakes and forests. The sun even came out for the last day and a half – where has it been for two weeks?

Along the way we passed some fantastic sights… Like this double toilet by the riverπŸ€” We decided not to use it.

An Elk’s head in this fishing hut πŸ‘πŸŽ£

We also slept in a church village hall on our own and they had an octopus shoe dryer which was welcome after an afternoon in the bogs, not that toilet above… Marshy bogs.

We found lovely places to have lunch and shelter from the rain, more peanut butter, pate and cheese and wraps.

We also managed three more wild camps and I only had to get up twice one night to heard away the cows who surrounded our tent at 12.30 and 6.30, it was only raining a bit though so not too bad. 🌧🌧

We walked past massive ant hills…

And we brewed up many cups of tea along the way when it was a bit cold and damp. 

Norway is a lovely country the trail was quiet and peaceful. That connection with nature and relaxing into a nomadic lifestyle  for just a short period of time is a great tonic for life. πŸ’™

Lastly this is Fred’s shadow in the sun on the last day…. Yeah!


One thought on “We made it to Trondheim

  1. Hi Fred!
    The trip looked so nice!! The view was so different than the time I went to Norway. Well… probably because that was winter πŸ˜›

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