We are marooned in Wanaka.  Wanaka is one of my favourite places so far; a really lovely town with not one, but four curry houses; a cinema; outdoor shops; beautiful lake and mountain views and a New World supermarket.  I’m not sad to be stuck here; but it was not a planned extra day.  We’re here for Otago Anniverary bank holiday Monday, which means that some of the things that we need to do: post our bounce bag and get Blokey’s wig cut, can’t be done until tomorrow.  We managed a trip to their lovely cinema yesterday which is called the Paradiso and has proper comfortable sofas in the screen room and lovely home made cookies – quite a treat.  We have also decided to end the trip as we started by having a few weeks off from drinking beer.  So it’s feeling like we are getting into the home straight.  The next big town we hit is Queenstown, and we’re looking forward to trying on of the famous Fergburgers when we get there.  But we won’t be bungee jumping.


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