It’s a love / hate thing …

There are things that I will miss when I stop walking and there are things that I definitely won’t miss, here are some of them:

Things I won’t miss:

  • checking for (and finding) ticks
  • wet feet for days
  • being held captive in the tent by midges
  • not seeing friends and family
  • my travel towel / hanky
  • rubbish sleep on a bad tent pitch
  • fighting through  brambles and stingers
  • smelly socks
  • getting bitten by unidentified insects
  • Scottish (and some English) pub food, including pub curries
  • the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables

Things I will miss:

  • the simplicity of walking each day
  • working towards a clear, single goal
  • exploring and adventuring
  • figuring out how to get there
  • Blokey making tea and breakfast in our tent in the morning
  • a calm wild camp
  • meeting people and hearing their stories
  • being able to eat lots of cake and chips
  • quality night’s sleep after a long walk
  • fresh air every day
  • reading maps and planning
  • being the smallest tent on the site

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