Diary of a pair of boots …

22 February 2014

It is with hardly any sadness that I write to inform you that these boots had their last day with us on the 22nd February 2014.  They were a hard working pair of boots; but the New Zealand terrain made holes in both the soles which meant that they were no longer viable.  They have been replaced, so will not be sadly missed …

7 January 2013

Sorry fans for not having been in touch before – she hasn’t let us near a computer all the time she’s been here.  I think it’s mostly because the wi-fi is not very available here, so blog updates have been prioritized.  See that; see how we are not a priority?

‘Tramping’ here in New Zealand is hard work.  We have been through bush and rivers; walked fields and endless beaches.  Been blamed for blisters (which were definitely not our fault).  And we’ve been pushed to near destruction.  There’s talk of her leaving us behind and replacing us.  What can she be thinking.  OK, we do seem to have developed a rather boggy scent; and our treads are not what they once were; but really, do we deserve to miss out on the best trip of our life?  We’ll hold on for as long as we can; we’re British made and we’re tough … we’ll let you know how we fair.

27 October 2013

We’ve been a bit bored while we’ve been back.  We’ve mostly been sitting on the boot shelves with other walking boots and we much prefer to be out and about.  We’ve had one small trip to Derbyshire for a very tame day, but other than that we’re just twiddling our laces … Roll on New Zealand.

15 October 2013

Sold as seen is all we can say, a 3 season boot, not for stomping around in the snow and she didn’t even have the courtesy to waterproof us before she left.

10 October 2013

OK, we might have been a bit harsh – her toe still looks like a fat, blue sausage.  We’re getting more use in the city than we thought we would, partly because her toe is so big it won’t fit into her 5 fingers (tee, hee).  Anyway, the big news for us – take note Sam – Blokey’s 5 fingers smell so bad that they’ve been sent to hang outside the window; we are lilies and roses in comparison – our rule continues.  We’ve even heard her compliment us that we’re the first walking boots she’s ever had that haven’t given her blisters.  She still hates us though, we can still see the contempt when she looks at us.

5 October 2013

so the walking in Corfu has been less of a strain for us, not so much of rock and mountain climbing. But what was the silly mare thinking about walking with no shoes at all, not even her 5 fingers. Honestly. And we’ve had to work extra hard while she gripes about how much it hurts to walk over stones. Diddums.

30 September 2013

So, we haven’t had much time on our hands recently, she’s been wearing us almost all the time. The walking on mainland Greece has taken less out of us than the Turkey trip and in the mountains she had to wear us because it was too cold for the pathetic 5 fingers. Sam, until today we’d have disagreed, she’s kept us very dry and aired us in the evening, but today’s walk in Corfu broke all the rules: sand and sea water is what permeated our hitherto dry, clean space. Honestly. Does she know nothing about how to look after a pair of walking boots – it’s hardly complicated. And how are we going to dry out in time for her walk tomorrow?

18 September 2013

Just when we thought we’d come to an understanding, she shoves us half way down her back pack and leaves us to fester there for days.  Call this a walking trip? She hasn’t walked for days; just lounged around and drunk Efes.

14 September 2013

We’ve had a brilliant time. This is what we were made for: climbing, stomping, walking, wading and exploring. And she’s had no blisters, not one thanks to us. We even heard her say that we are her most comfortable boots ever. Yey! Major brownie points to us. The only thing is that we seem to be aging super fast, we’re not sure that we’ll make it to New Zealand, but we’ll give it our best shot.

9 September 2013

We feel old before our time. She’s resting today so we’re rejected and not even allowed in her room, left on the steps where anyone could just pick us up. Even she had to admit we did a good job of gripping on the difficult climb yesterday, but are we rewarded for our effort – not on your nelly ..

Battered and scuffed after just a week

Battered and scuffed after just a week

7 September 2013

She’ an all or nothıng kınd of gırl ıt would seem.  She got blısters on the second day of the walk and blamed us, we told her ıt was the socks, but she was dubıous.  Honestly, as ıf we’d gıve her blısters.  So we have been used and used and used. Fıve days of walkıng and we’ already battered and bruısed.  When  we left the factory they told us we could expect some markıng after a few months or years; 5 days ıt’ taken her to leave us scarred and pıtted.  But at least we’re out and about and doıng what we love.  And the terraın ıs lovely and varıed and we are practısıng our grıppıng on rocks and havıng a ball.

31 August 2013

OMG – how naive we were. All she’s had on her feet since we arrived are her stupid 5 fingers. She’s walked round town in them, been on a boat in them and swam in the sea. This should be our time to shine, instead we’ve again been languishing in her dark hotel bedroom. When will our time come?

27 August 2013

She’s packed, and we’re raring to go.  No more pairs of sandals to compete with, no trainers, no, just a bazaar pair of Vibram 5 Fingers – no contest really.  I can’t tell you how excited we are.  Tramping, tramping, tramping here we come.

The competition ....

The competition ….

21 August 2013

No .. . not even a look in.  She most definitely wasn’t taking us to Moscow with her.  But as it happened, I think she should have.  She ended up with blisters and a split heel just from wearing her running trainers without socks while she walked round the Kremlin.  Will she never learn.  We are her friend, not her enemy …

2nd August 2013

Hurray, hurray!!  At last … we get to do what we were made for: walk, climb, ascend, descend, splash through puddles and spend time out in the fresh air.  Our first outing and the only good thing she could say about us, well two things, were: 1) it doesn’t matter how much mud and shit you go through, they don’t look any different; 2) these boots are very roomy around my toes.  Not exactly the kind of praise that we were hoping for, but we know she’ll come to love us – just you wait and see …

25th July 2013

She must really hate us … we’ve been sat at the bottom of the stairs since the trip to the lakes.  It’s boring, it’s dark, it’s not what we were made for …

7th July 2013

She promised.  She said she would.  She even took us with her.  And then … nothing.  We spent the weekend in the bathroom, huddled next to the shower,while she chose her ‘Vibram 5 fingers’ over us.  We could feel her embarrassment, her shame.  But how could she take us to the beautiful Lake District, for the whole weekend, without even letting us sniff the fresh air?


2 thoughts on “Diary of a pair of boots …

  1. I feel sorry for you, Fred’s not bad I’m sure she appreciates you really. The threat of smelly feet and a bunion might make her treat you better. Say hello, and tell her we miss her at swimming. If she wants to know who’s sending the message, tell her it’s Mark

  2. Don’t take it personally Fred’s shoes have had to live outside for many years due to smelly feet inherited from her mother. I bet those five fingers smell worse!

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