Stove- magic:

Fuel – the stove can use a Trangia, solid fuel or fuel block; we’ll carry some meths in these bottles if we can find some:

Pans – one deeper one, one shallow one, and some tin foil, that should do it: &  For 2015 we only took one pan, really just to boil water in.

Not burning yourself- two of these little beauties:

Lighting a fire – apart from a lighter, we also have this handy little flint device:

Knives – Blokey has a special Ray Mears knife and I have a standard pen knife, with the all important bottle opener and corkscrew on it: &

Magic 'beehive' stove

Collapsed stove
Collapsed stove
stove and fire lighting kit packed

stove and fire lighting kit packed

Who needs an Aga!

Who needs an Aga!

Our magic ‘beehive stove’ is super cool.  It packs down flat and fits into this handy carrying bag.  You can burn meths or petrol in the Trangia burner or you can burn solid fuel in the stove which you can collect as you go along.  You can also use it with just 4 sides attached so that it is a smaller, more intense flame.  We have a ‘light my fire’ flint and a lighter just in case.  The orange thing is a silicon finger protector so that you can pick up and hold the saucepans without burning yourself.  Of course, it will still be rehydrated food most of the time, which is pretty pants, but such is life.  We’ll enjoy the big meals in the cities even more.


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