Plate – right now, this collapsible design looks ingenious, but we’ll see how we get on with it:

Cup / bowl:  These look super cool and it’s great that they pack down flat, but they did not last the trip. We opted for a solid bowl and cup each for 2015.

Knife / Fork / Spoon –  Again, a spork probably won’t last a long trip, but we bought back of five and put spares in our bounce box.

Long handled spoon:  We did not take one of these in 2015.

Dried Food – anything light and high calorie, so it has to be dehydrated food (yum, yum) – Blokey recommends ‘Expedition Food”

High energy food – you know the score, high fat, hight sugar and easily digestible: nuts, chocolate, all the things you  normally try to avoid

From our tramping experience, we have learnt:

  • peanut butter is essential
  • noodles are good either with peanut butter, or added to a dehydrated meal
  • for non veggies – cured sausage is good, can be added or eaten as it is and keeps well
  • instant mash is great (with gravy granules); potato flakes are rubbish
  • powdered milk is essential for a big tea drinker like me, but also good with hot water on muesli / porridge in the morning
  • flat bread keeps longer and can be squeezed down the back of the pack
  • a little bag of morale is super important, high energy treats: werthers, dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, sour sweets, M&Ms – keep the mix topped up when you can



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