North Island

The North Island is less dramatic and more rural than the South Island. It also has a large number of Maori Reserves on it and we have had the privilege of tramping through some of this space.


The start of the walk, the light house at the top of New Zealand after running away from Bernard.


The first night camp on Twilight Beach, but if you walk to the South end there’s a great camp site.


Our first sight of “90 Mile Beach” – the view stayed pretty much the same for the next 4 days.


The intrepid explorer, otherwise known as Blokey.


Tramping through the jungle, I mean forest.


Ahhh, the five star luxury I’m used to … well at least it didn’t leak.

Sorry for not being able to keep this updated; we’re struggling to get enough juice to be able to upload our photos as we go along – we’ll do it when we get a chance.