Rucksack – 50 litres, plenty of room for a girl and all her stuff for 9 months … http://www.backpackinglight.co.uk/50-litres-plus/UD106-7.html

Walking boots – mine have their own pages, so I’ll just mention Blokey’s: http://www.blacks.co.uk/mens/114239-salomon-mens-viaggio-gtx-walking-boots-yellow.html

Walking sticks – as recommended by Barbara who had conducted much research: http://www.needlesports.com/Catalogue/Winter-Climbing-Equipment/Trekking-Poles/Poles/Ultra-Distance-Z-Pole-pair-2013-model#.Udrow_myA7A

Knives – Blokey has a special Ray Mears knife and I have a standard pen knife, with the all important bottle opener and corkscrew on it:  http://www.cotswoldoutdoor.com/victorinox-camper-knife-a5110134?id_colour=133 & http://www.raymears.com/Bushcraft_Product/658-Fallkniven-TK4-Folding-Pocket-Knife/

Hydration – clever because you can take the bag out and leave the feeding tube in place: http://www.cotswoldoutdoor.com/camelbak-antidote-reservoir-2l-68220002?id_colour=180

Maps and books

the bags

the bags

wonderful walking sticks

wonderful walking sticks



Lovely aren't they?

I think you’ve already met these bad boys.


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